Mastering Difficult Client Conversations


How comfortable are you at handling difficult or emotional conversations with your clients? Client conversations are a big part of veterinary medicine and sometimes they can be a challenge. This course offers tools that can help your client conversations go more smoothly and reduce, or even eliminate, those difficult interactions. Being prepared to tackle challenging conversations will make your day better, your clients happier, and your practice more successful.

The Mastering Difficult Client Conversations course will equip you with a process that you can use to successfully handle almost any challenging client interaction.

If you can answer “no” to one or more of the questions below, you’ll likely find the information in this course helpful.

  • Are you confident that each and every client leaves your practice having had a positive experience?
  • Do you try to see situations from your client’s point of view?
  • Do you avoid making assumptions about your clients?
  • Are you able to remain calm during difficult client interactions?
  • Do you use questioning techniques during challenging client conversations?
  • Can you easily identify the best solution to resolve your client’s issue?
  • Do you follow-up with clients to ensure that their issues have been fully resolved?
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