Live Veterinary Leadership Workshop

Self Leadership and Finding Happiness in a Chaotic Veterinary World

For everyone in your practice 

Plan To Be Your Best and Happiest in the Veterinary Profession

Your future and your happiness are entirely dependent on leading yourself effectively, facing challenges with resilience and recovering from stress and chaos in your work and your world. This workshop will help you develop a plan for living your happiest and most fulfilling life as part of a veterinary team. You will learn a set of habits and best practices for thriving even amidst the chaos and unpredictability of working in a veterinary practice. 

Virtual Workshops for your Leaders, Practice Managers, and Team

A 1-hour interactive and engaging journey covering how you can embrace self leadership and find happiness in a chaotic veterinary world, delivered through the communications platform of Zoom.

Your veterinary clinic is working through tremendous change, challenging cultures, and frustrated pet owners. We can help support you through a set of engaging, uplifting, and solution-oriented virtual workshops.

Find solutions

Create Work/Life Harmony in Your World

Harmony Instead of Balance

Balance implies that things are equal, or distributed evenly, or weigh the same. No matter how hard most people try, they rarely get their work time and their non work-time to balance. It’s just never going to be equal. We are almost always going to be spending more time working than we are doing other things outside of work, at least during our non retirement years. 

Resilience and Recovery

Times can get tough and we all go through rough patches. How do you get back to where you want to be and make a greater impact as a leader? Preparing for when you find yourself in a ditch, not if you find yourself there, is key to recovering quickly and becoming resilient.

Creating a plan for the times you find yourself off-track or in a downturn as a leader is key to recovering quickly and becoming resilient. What is reinvigorating and re-engaging to you? What actions cause you to feel that you are at your best and at the top of your game?

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