Live Veterinary Leadership Workshop

Learn How to Attract and Hire Exceptional Talent

For Practice Managers and anyone who handles hiring for a team of people in your veterinary practice

The Path to a Better Culture Starts Here

Every employee in your practice plays a vital role in your business’s success. Finding and selecting the best candidates for your team will affect the experience of your clients and patients, your team’s dynamics, and ultimately the future of your practice. In this workshop learn to attract, recruit, and hire the talent you need to take your practice to the next level and deliver outstanding care and service.

Virtual Workshops for your Leaders, Practice Managers, and Team

A 1-hour interactive and engaging journey covering how you can dramatically improve your process of finding and hiring great talent, delivered through the communications platform of Zoom.

Your veterinary clinic is working through tremendous change, challenging cultures, and frustrated pet owners. We can help support you through a set of engaging, uplifting, and solution-oriented virtual workshops.

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Are You Hiring People Who Make Your Veterinary Practice Better?

Uncover a Candidate's True Potential

Even the greatest leaders can fall short when it comes to recruiting and hiring. If you feel that you’re not bringing the right talent to your team, you can start now by making sure you’re asking the kind of questions that will help you uncover the ability and true potential of your candidates. 

Veterinary Leadership Program Synopsis

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