Live Veterinary Leadership Workshop

Leading Veterinary Teams Through Change

For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors 

Why Your Veterinary Practice Must Embrace Change

Growth is only possible in the presence of change. This workshop is about understanding human change and using tools and techniques to effectively plan, execute, and support fast and effective change efforts. A veterinary practice can’t grow, evolve, innovate, or respond without being good at change. Your leaders determine how well change happens in your practice. This experience will give them a process and a plan to make it happen smoothly, and with less resistance from the team.

Virtual Workshops for your Leaders, Practice Managers, and Team

A 1-hour interactive and engaging journey covering how you can effectively lead your veterinary hospital through change, delivered through the communications platform of Zoom.

Your veterinary clinic is working through tremendous change, challenging cultures, and frustrated pet owners. We can help support you through a set of engaging, uplifting, and solution-oriented virtual workshops.

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Change in Your Veterinary Practice Starts With Leaders, and Includes Everyone.

4 Steps to Leading Change in Uncertain Times

  • Discuss: Discussion creates insight and trust. Both are critical for any change effort.
  • Involve: No leader will have all the right answers or come up with a perfect solution.
  • Practice: Use pilot programs or trial periods to test the changes out and get feedback.
  • Support: The leader needs to be there every step of the way as change is happening.

Let Your Team Take Ownership

The truth about human change is that no one executes the ideas of others very well. We need ownership of an idea to even have a chance to execute it successfully. Most managers want to convince people to agree with an idea about change, and agreement is light years away from ownership.

Ownership is a complete connection to the success of the idea, and it can generate commitment. Commitment is essential for real lasting change to happen successfully.

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