Live Veterinary Leadership Workshop

Coaching for Incredible Performance

For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

Good Coaching Changes Everything

The greatest lever any business has to change individual behavior is effective coaching. Executed well, coaching allows team members to build skills and capabilities faster, improve performance more consistently, and achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. This workshop will teach practice managers and other leaders throughout the practice how to execute a coaching process that consistently changes behavior and results in an amazing team of remarkable employees. 

Virtual Workshops for your Leaders, Practice Managers, and Team

A 1-hour interactive and engaging journey covering how you can coach your team for incredible performance, delivered through the communications platform of Zoom.

Your veterinary clinic is working through tremendous change, challenging cultures, and frustrated pet owners. We can help support you through a set of engaging, uplifting, and solution-oriented virtual workshops.

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Have Conversations That Change The Future of Your Veterinary Practice

Understand the Coaching Process

Through consistent coaching you can help someone move from where they are, to where they want to be. The first step in coaching someone is to help them find their future state. This could be a life achievement, or a small step in the right direction towards meeting a goal. By putting forth the effort in helping someone find their future state, you can shorten the amount of time between coaching and improvement.

To Get Better Performance, Get Proactive.

Thoughts drive our actions, and actions lead to results. Proactive coaching begins with thoughts and is focused on setting others up for success instead of reacting to their results. You can use proactive coaching to help others focus on moving toward their definition of success or something they care about, instead of focusing on moving away from what’s wrong or a mistake that’s been made.

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