Live Veterinary Leadership Workshop

Build a Training Process that Ensures Excellence in Your Practice

For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

Give Your Team Members the Tools and Support They Need

Sometimes training in a veterinary practice can be a challenge. There is a lot to learn and we need new employees to get up to speed and build capability fast. In this workshop you’ll learn how to create a training program that allows new employees to progress consistently, contribute faster, and add more value to your veterinary practice.

Virtual Workshops for your Leaders, Practice Managers, and Team

A 1-hour interactive and engaging journey covering how you can build a training process that ensures excellence in your veterinary practice, delivered through the communications platform of Zoom.

Your veterinary clinic is working through tremendous change, challenging cultures, and frustrated pet owners. We can help support you through a set of engaging, uplifting, and solution-oriented virtual workshops.

Find solutions

Set Your New Employees Up for Success

Deliver Feedback That Makes a Difference

One of the things that often trips leaders up is the feedback parts of their communication. In its simplest form, feedback to others is simply an outside opinion of their actions. Outside observations can be incredibly helpful when anyone is looking to improve their results. Think about sports teams watching game film, salespeople listening to customers, 360-degree feedback for leaders, or anyone receiving high quality coaching. 

Leaders Must Help Others Set Goals

Helping people set goals, understand those goals, and care about them is a simple process, that if we execute well, will change how we lead others, and the degree of success they have. It’s a foundational tool for any leader, no matter where they are in their career. Double down on your consistency with it and see just how quickly it can change your results as a leader.

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