Transform Your Veterinary Practice's Culture and Raise Performance to the Next Level

Through personalized training, the Veterinary Leadership Program equips professionals like you with proven strategies to transform your practice.

Ready to Ignite Real Change Around Your Practice's Culture, Vision & Talent?

We understand the unique leadership challenges veterinary professionals face when it comes to elevating practice culture, aligning teams behind a shared vision, and recruiting top talent. But growth in these critical areas IS possible.

The Veterinary Leadership Program equips motivated leaders with proven strategies and a proactive mindset for sparking tangible improvements.

This exclusive, flexible 12 - 16 week program gives you access to the latest tools to:

  • Establish consistent accountability
  • Boost staff engagement
  • Overhaul toxic culture
  • Attract & retain superstars
  • Instill a unified practice vision

This program has made me realize that I need to make a conscious effort every day to be present in the moment handling problems as they happen. That if I want to hire great new employees I must look at team members here and find their great qualities, list them and look for those. If an employee is having difficulty, ask them the questions that empower them to find solutions while keeping our protocols. 

Enjoy every day, at work or at home, by finding work/life harmony. Supervising is not easy, we learn as we go and together find solutions. Also, I am not the only one that struggles. Being in a group you realize you are not isolated and in some way we all struggle. That was comforting news.

Ruth S, Oradell Animal Hospital

A Proven Path to Real, Lasting Change

The Veterinary Leadership Program provides a customized solution designed to spark meaningful transformations across your practice quickly and easily.

Through 6 strategic modules delivered in a flexible format, this proven system empowers new methods of leading that cement positive evolutions for the long run without major time sacrifices.

Module 1:
A Foundation to Build On

Module 1 A Foundation to Build On

Lays the groundwork for continual improvement by reflecting on your leadership mindset and setting a personalized vision

Module 2:
Leading a Fully Accountable Team

Module 2 Leading a Fully Accountable Veterinary Team

How cultivating accountability across your team streamlines problem-solving and allows a future focus.

Module 3:
Making Change Happen

Module 3 Making Change Happen

Equips you with systems for implementing positive change quickly and smoothly with full buy-in.

Module 4:
Coaching Others To Improve Performance

Module 4 Coaching Others to Incredible Performance

Teaches supportive coaching techniques to maximize individual growth and performance.

Module 5:
Hiring, Onboarding And Training Exceptional Team Members

Module 5 Hiring Onboarding and Training Exceptional Talent

Refines hiring and development practices for recruiting top talent.

Module 6:
Self Leadership

Module 6 Self Leadership

Inspires self-leadership for sustaining your best work, impact, and happiness long-term.

Transform Your Leadership Through Live Group Coaching

Beyond self-paced learning, the Veterinary Leadership Program offers live group coaching sessions. Led by Randy Hall, these interactive events allow networking with vet peers to discuss challenges and solutions.

Randy Hall 

Founder of VetLead and your leadership coach

Randy Hall veterinary leadership coach

Address your practice's pressing issues through collaborative problem-solving and new perspectives.

Address pressing concerns through an interactive format allowing leadership perspectives from fellow professionals facing parallel practice situations. Leave with applicable solutions developed through collaborative problem-solving and new viewpoints tailored explicitly to your needs.

Get Industry-Recognized Continuing Education Credit

The Veterinary Leadership Program is approved for CE credit by both RACE and CVPM. Just complete a short quiz at the course's conclusion.

American Association of Veterinary State Boards
RACE approved CE credit
Certified Veterinary Practice Managers

It’s no longer about just what the management thinks needs to happen, the whole hospital has empowerment to try to decide the best direction for us to take.


Foster Animal Hospital

We went from having only a couple applicants; ones that we weren’t even really excited about, but they were our only choices. Today when we put an ad out, we’ll get flooded with 20 to 30 applicants within hours.


North Royalton Animal Hospital

Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Leadership Approach?

Express Your Interest in Transforming Your Practice's Future.

The Veterinary Leadership Program has empowered hundreds of leaders just like you to achieve remarkable evolutions. Stop wondering "what if" and let us show you how personalized support and proven techniques can maximize your impact.

The program requires a minimum of 10 participants from your practice to launch. Express your interest today.

If you have less than 10 participants from your practice but would still like to participate in the Veterinary Leadership Program, no problem! Ask about a unique opportunity here.

  • Investment starts at $897 per person with flexible payment options
  • Typical program structure is a flexible 12 - 16 week curriculum which includes 6 video learning modules, live coaching sessions, worksheets, and supporting resources
  • Full program preview and pricing provided after expression of interest

Frequently asked Questions

Who can benefit from taking this course?

Veterinary professionals, specifically leaders and aspiring leaders in your practice, practice managers, doctors, and owners can benefit from this content. Learning how to create a vision for your practice, define success to your standards, coach effectively, and communicate with your team in ways that improve performance and engagement are just some of the ways your practice can benefit.

Who will be in the live group coaching sessions?

Live group coaching sessions are led by Randy Hall and include all course participants able to attend.

They provide a great opportunity to ask questions, hear about challenges others have in their practices, and discuss solutions together.

How much time do I need to commit?

You can maximize the value of this course just by spending a couple of hours each week watching videos, reviewing learning worksheets, and participating in live group coaching sessions. 

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! If you do not believe the course provides you with the resources, tools, and information you need to create and realize the best version of your practice, we’ll refund your investment right away. Or, if you discover you are unable to participate in this session, let us know and we will issue a refund up to two weeks after the course begins.

How much does this program cost?

$897 per person.