The Veterinary Leadership Program Can Help You

Set Yourself and Your Veterinary Practice Up for Success

VetLead's proprietary Veterinary Leadership Program is designed for leaders and aspiring leaders in your veterinary practice. This 3-month, interactive leadership development course can benefit supervisors, practice managers, doctors, owners, and other leaders in your practice.

Very thought provoking. Makes you think of new ways to approach situations.

Robyn D, Oradell Animal Hospital

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Create the Best Future for Your Veterinary Practice

VetLead delivers a three-month leader development program that combines video, written exercises, articles, and podcasts with regular live group coaching sessions which allow participants to ask questions, discuss challenges, and integrate the leadership concepts into their every day planning, execution and communication.

Learn how to:

  • Hire and retain great talent
  • Deliver feedback that improves performance
  • Build a culture of accountability in your practice
  • Set your team up for sustained success
  • Stop drama, conflict, and gossip in their tracks
  • Be your best and happiest in the veterinary profession

Did Someone Say, "Continuing Education Credit?"

The Veterinary Leadership Program is approved for CE credit by both RACE and CVPM. Just complete a short quiz at the course's conclusion.

American Association of Veterinary State Boards
RACE approved CE credit
Certified Veterinary Practice Managers

Learning Objectives

Setting Yourself Up for Success As A Leader
Building a Culture of Accountability and Effort
Helping Teams Move in a New and Better Direction with Less Resistance
Having Conversations that Change the Future
Planning to Be Your Best and Happiest in the Veterinary Profession
Setting Your Team Up for Excellence

Live Group Leadership Coaching Sessions

Your live coaching sessions give your team real-time opportunities to ask question and discuss real world challenges. These hour-long events, via live video conferencing, typically happen every other week during your program's duration. Come ready to learn and engage!

This program has made me realize that I need to make a conscious effort every day to be present in the moment handling problems as they happen. That if I want to hire great new employees I must look at team members here and find their great qualities, list them and look for those. If an employee is having difficulty, ask them the questions that empower them to find solutions while keeping our protocols. 

Enjoy every day, at work or at home, by finding work/life harmony. Supervising is not easy, we learn as we go and together find solutions. Also, I am not the only one that struggles. Being in a group you realize you are not isolated and in some way we all struggle. That was comforting news.

Ruth S, Oradell Animal Hospital

Typical Program Duration: 3 Months

Any given month might look like this:

Week 1

Video-based leadership content and supporting tools and exercises (time commitment of approximately 1 hour)

Week 3

Video-based leadership content and supporting tools and exercises (time commitment of approximately 1 hour)

Week 2

Blog post, podcast and live video group coaching session (time commitment of 60-90 minutes)

Week 4

Blog post, podcast and live video group coaching session (time commitment of 60-90 minutes)

Your Veterinary Leadership Program Will:


Provide Resources

Provide a comprehensive, consistent set of leader development resources for veterinary practice managers, supervisors, team leaders, and those aspiring to lead within the practice.


Improve Leadership

Improve the leadership development experience by combining leadership models, tools and resources with consistent live coaching and support throughout the learning process.


Produce Results

Sustainably improve the results that leaders achieve for themselves, the business, and the teams they lead through the development of processes, habits and capabilities that represent effective real world leadership.

Joanna C

Foster Animal Hospital

The Best Direction

“It’s no longer about just what the management thinks needs to happen, the whole hospital has empowerment to try to decide the best direction for us to take.”

Your 3 Month Course Includes:
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Pricing and How to Get Started

Each Veterinary Leadership Program session we offer has an enrollment of 10 or more veterinary professionals. This makes discussing real-world challenges and opportunities in live group coaching sessions more meaningful.

I have 10 or more participants in my practice

You'll have an exclusive Veterinary Leadership Program specifically for your veterinary practice.

I have less than 10 participants in my practice

No problem! Let's discuss how you can work alongside  other veterinary practices or professionals.

Pricing for this comprehensive, three-month leadership development program, designed exclusively for the veterinary industry:

$897 per person

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Frequently asked Questions

Who can benefit from taking this course?

Veterinary professionals, specifically leaders and aspiring leaders in your practice, practice managers, doctors, and owners can benefit from this content. Learning how to create a vision for your practice, define success to your standards, coach effectively, and communicate with your team in ways that improve performance and engagement are just some of the ways your practice can benefit.

I don't have 10 employees who need this. Can I just get a few people in?

Yes, we’re happy to work with you! Reach out to us using the form above and let’s talk about options for your practice.

What if our schedule doesn't work for a 3 month course?

For practices with 10 or more participants we will work with you to find a schedule that meets your needs while still delivering content in a meaningful and actionable way that benefits your practice, team, patients, and clients.

And, it’s important to note an attendee may spend just an hour or two per week during the program.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! If you do not believe the course provides you with the resources, tools, and information you need to create and realize the best version of your practice, we’ll refund your investment right away.

How much does this program cost?

$897 per person.