Veterinary Leadership Program

Create the Best Future for Your Veterinary Practice

The Veterinary Leadership Program is a 3-month, interactive leadership course designed exclusively for veterinary practice managers, supervisors, and team leaders. 

RACE approved CE credit

Randy Hall

Leadership Coach

Founder, VetLead

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Set Your Leaders and Your Practice Up for Success

VetLead will deliver a three month leader development program that will combines video, written exercises, articles, and podcasts with regular live group video coaching sessions that help participants ask questions, discuss challenges, and integrate the leadership concepts into their every day planning, execution and communication.

Your Veterinary Leadership Program Will:


Provide a comprehensive, consistent set of leader development resources for veterinary practice managers, supervisors, and team leaders as they continue to develop their leadership capabilities.


Improve the leadership development experience by combining leadership models, tools and resources with consistent live coaching and support throughout the learning process.


Sustainably improve the results that leaders achieve for themselves, the business, and the teams they lead through the development of processes, habits and capabilities that represent effective real world leadership.

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Improve Performance in Your Veterinary Practice
  • Build a culture that attracts and retains talent in the hospitals
  • Support increased employee engagement at the hospital level
  • Create stronger, more productive teams within your hospital
  • Improve team performance, communication, and efficiency

Veterinary Leadership Course Curriculum


A Foundation to Build On

Setting Yourself Up For Success As A Leader

  • How Leaders Develop
  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Culture, Engagement, and Talent
  • Commitment and Compliance
  • Creating Your Definition of Success


Leading a Fully Accountable Team

Building A Culture Of Ownership And Effort

  • What Accountability Really Means
  • Proactive Coaching to Support Accountability
  • Habits that Help Cause Accountability
  • Ways Managers Can Destroy Accountability
  • Creating Your Definition of Success


Leading Change in Your Veterinary Practice

Helping Teams Move In A New And Better Direction With Less Resistance

  • Your Brain on Change
  • Insight
  • Involvement
  • Practice
  • Environment


Coaching Others to Improve Performance

Having Conversations That Change The Future

  • The Human Change Process
  • Future State
  • Ignition - The Why
  • Change
  • Plan
  • Support


Hiring, Onboarding, and Training Exceptional Team Members

Setting Your Team Up For Excellence

  • The Hiring Process
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Truth vs. Fiction
  • Effective Follow Up
  • Onboarding
  • Training


Self Leadership

Planning To Be Your Best And Happiest In The Veterinary Profession

  • Habits, Why They Matter and How to Build Them
  • Tools for Resilience and Recovery
  • The Art of Work-Life Harmony
  • Planning for Your Best Life

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Typical Program Duration: 3 Months

Veterinary Leadership Program Synopsis

Any given month might look like this:

Week 1

Video-based leadership content and supporting tools and exercises (time commitment of approximately 1 hour)

Week 2

Blog post, podcast and live video group coaching session (time commitment of 60-90 minutes)

Week 3

Video-based leadership content and supporting tools and exercises (time commitment of approximately 1 hour)

Week 4

Blog post, podcast and live video group coaching session (time commitment of 60-90 minutes)



the best direction

“It’s no longer about just what the management thinks needs to happen, the whole hospital has empowerment to try to decide the best direction for us to take.”


Seats for our upcoming Veterinary Leadership Program are $897 per leader.
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