Live Leadership Workshops for Veterinary Practices

1-hour interactive and engaging journeys covering an array of topics delivered live, virtually.

Leadership Workshops for Veterinary Practices

Virtual Workshops for Teams, Practice Managers, and Leaders

Your veterinary practice is only as successful as its leaders. And not just the leaders at the very top, but leaders throughout. Your hospital can only reach its full potential when your leaders reach theirs.

Our workshops will help you get there.

Live, interactive workshops provide real-time learning

Choose workshops that fit your needs and your schedule

Question and answer sessions allow your team to tackle real-life challenges.

How it works

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Choose Your Leadership Workshop

Attracting & Hiring Exceptional Talent


For Practice Managers and anyone who handles hiring for a team of people in your practice

Learn to attract, recruit, and hire the talent you need to take your practice to the next level and deliver outstanding care and service.

Eliminating Internal Conflict and Mastering Difficult Client Conversations in Your Practice 


For everyone in your practice

Internal conflict and gossip can keep your practice from being the fun, and productive place you know it can be.

Creating a Culture of Accountability 


For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

Build the accountable culture you want so you are not stuck trying to survive the culture that evolves.

Leading Veterinary Teams Through Change


For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

A veterinary practice can’t grow, evolve, innovate, or respond without being good at change.

Self Leadership and Finding Happiness in a Chaotic Veterinary World


For everyone in your practice

Develop a plan for living your happiest and most fulfilling life as part of a veterinary team.

Coaching for Incredible Performance


For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

Coaching allows team members to build skills faster, improve performance more consistently.

A Training Process that Ensures Excellence in Your Practice


For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

Training in a veterinary practice can be a challenge. There is a lot to learn and you need new employees to get up to speed and build capability fast.

“They’re actively trying to help each other more.”


“It’s no longer about just what the management thinks needs to happen, the whole hospital has empowerment to try to decide the best direction for us to take.”


“I can have my new team leaders look at these videos and review them. Then we can have great conversations about where we’re going and what we’re doing.”


Meet Randy Hall

Founder of VetLead and Your Presenter

Randy works with veterinary practices to help them become more efficient, more effective, happier, and more profitable. He has directly supported veterinary practices who have turned a toxic, drama-filled, turnover laden culture into one that is thriving, growing and characterized by high performing teams of people. From the hiring and training process to how coaching and individual performance improvement happens inside a veterinary practice, Randy has supported the complete organization as they transform.

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