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Building a Fully Engaged Team, Part 1

Learn what employee engagement is and why it is important to your practice’s success. 

Building a Fully Engaged Team, Part 2

Learn the top leader behaviors that can crush employee engagement in your practice. 

Building a Fully Engaged Team, Part 3

Learn how to master the eight leader behaviors that are needed to form a fully engaged team.

Managing Your Practice, Leading Your Team

Management and leadership are very different things and learning to do both well will help you to build an incredible, highly engaged team as well as an efficient, healthy business.

Mastering Difficult Client Conversations

Discover tools that can help your client conversations go more smoothly and reduce, or even eliminate, those difficult interactions. 

Developing a Vision to Create the Practice You Want

The first step to making any change in your practice in an effective, sustainable way is to develop a collaborative vision for your practice with your employees.

Attracting and Hiring Exceptional Talent

Get the information and tools you need to find the right people for your practice.

Stop The Drama! Eliminating Conflict in Your Practice

Why and how conflict starts, this course provides you with a process you can use to eliminate conflict in your practice.

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“This was just the tool we needed to get things kick-started. It’s been nothing but positive for us and we’ve definitely become a happier, more productive workplace because of the tools that you provided through your program.”

Jennifer B // Practice Manager at Pinellas Animal Hospital

“They’re actively trying to help each other more.”

Dr. Wendy M // Fischer Veterinary Clinic

“It’s no longer about just what the management thinks needs to happen, the whole hospital has empowerment to try to decide the best direction for us to take.”

Joanna C // Foster Animal Hospital

Randy Hall

Founder, VetLead

Course presenter

Randy works with veterinary practices to help them become more efficient, more effective, happier, and more profitable. He has directly supported veterinary practices who have turned a toxic, drama-filled, turnover laden culture into one that is thriving, growing and characterized by high performing teams of people. From the hiring and training process to how coaching and individual performance improvement happens inside a veterinary practice, Randy has supported the complete organization as they transform.