Building A Fully Engaged Team: Part 3


Building a Fully Engaged Team is a three-part course that will explore the many aspects of employee engagement.

What are the most effective ways to create and sustain employee engagement?  Find out in Part 3, 8 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement, how to master the eight leader behaviors that are needed to form a fully engaged team.  This course provides ideas and suggestions that can be implemented in your practice to build a team that is ready to be at their best, provide outstanding care and service, and contribute to the success of your practice.  To achieve the greatness you want for your practice, begin by considering the following questions:

  • Can you imagine a team that strives to achieve a clear vision for your practice?
  • Do you want learning, growth, and development to be a priority in your practice?
  • Do you want to offer your employees regular opportunities to share feedback, offer suggestions, or voice concerns?
  • Are you ready for all employees to meet expectations and contribute positively to your practice?

Did you answer “yes” to any of them?  If so, that is great!  This course will be helpful to you.

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