Leadership Workshops for Veterinary Practices

1-hour interactive and engaging journeys covering an array of topics delivered live, virtually.

Virtual Workshops

A veterinary practice is only as successful as its leaders. And not just the leaders at the very top, but leaders throughout the practice. Your practice can only reach their full potential when the leaders reach theirs.

Veterinary Leadership Program Synopsis

Attracting & Hiring Exceptional Talent

For Practice Managers and anyone who handles hiring for a team of people in your practice

Every employee in your practice plays a vital role in your business’s success. Finding and selecting the best candidates for your team will affect the experience of your clients and patients, your team’s dynamics, and ultimately the future of your practice. In this workshop learn to attract, recruit, and hire the talent you need to take your practice to the next level and deliver outstanding care and service.

Eliminating Internal Conflict and Mastering Difficult Client Conversations in Your Practice 

For everyone in your practice 

Internal conflict and gossip can keep your practice from being the fun, positive, and productive workplace you know it can be. Challenging client conversations can do the same; adding stress to your day and throwing you off your game. This workshop will help you eliminate conflict in your practice by understanding why and how it starts, and will also teach you how to practice and master a process for dealing with frustrated or upset clients.

Accountability culture

Creating a Culture of Accountability 

For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors 

How the people inside your practice think, how they work together, how they innovate, how they collaborate, and how they engage is all a function of your culture and the level of accountability within your culture. This workshop is designed to help you build the accountable culture you want so you are not stuck trying to survive the culture that evolves. Define accountability in your practice and align behaviors and habits with the actions that create and sustain an accountable culture.

Leading Veterinary Teams Through Change

For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors 

Growth is only possible in the presence of change. This workshop is about understanding human change and using tools and techniques to effectively plan, execute, and support fast and effective change efforts. A veterinary practice can’t grow, evolve, innovate, or respond without being good at change. Your leaders determine how well change happens in your practice and this experience will give them a process and a plan to make it happen smoothly, and with less resistance from the team.

Leading through change
Self leadership

Self Leadership and Finding Happiness in a Chaotic Veterinary World

For everyone in your practice

Your future and your happiness are entirely dependent on leading yourself effectively, facing challenges with resilience and recovering from stress and chaos in your work and your world. This workshop will help you develop a plan for living your happiest and most fulfilling life as part of a veterinary team. You will learn a set of habits and best practices for thriving even amidst the chaos and unpredictability of working in a veterinary practice. 

Coaching for Incredible Performance

For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

The greatest lever any business has to change individual behavior is effective coaching. Executed well, coaching allows team members to build skills and capabilities faster, improve performance more consistently, and achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. This workshop will teach practice managers and other leaders throughout the practice how to execute a coaching process that consistently changes behavior and results in an amazing team of remarkable employees. 

Coaching for performance
Veterinary Leadership Program

 A Training Process that Ensures Excellence in Your Practice

For Practice Owners, Managers, Team Leaders or Supervisors

Sometimes training in a veterinary practice can be a challenge. There is a lot to learn and we need new employees to get up to speed and build capability fast. In this workshop you’ll learn how to create a training program that allows new employees to progress consistently, contribute faster, and add more value to your veterinary practice.

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