How do you view the millennials in your practice? Sometimes millennials get a bad rap. There is a perception that millennials are not as productive or hardworking as other generations. However, millennials are coming to work for more than a paycheck. They want to work in a place where they can contribute, grow professionally, and make a difference.

In this episode, Aspire founder and leadership consultant Randy Hall along with Dr. Julie Reck, owner and founder of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill in South Carolina, share advice on how to lead the millennials in your practice. They help to reframe common misconceptions about millennials and share the best ways to engage these employees in your practice.

For more information and resources on engaging not only the millennials, but all employees in your practice, view the three-part course, Building a Fully Engaged Team at Also, be sure to check out the print resource, "The 5 Components of Employee Engagement" included with this episode:

Episode 29 – 5 Components of Employee Engagement


For our Aspire members, you’ll find bonus podcast content at In this “After the Episode,” Randy and Dr. Reck discuss how a thoughtful, robust onboarding program can help employees, including millennials, learn how to be successful in their new role.

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Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 29: Those Darn Millennials