How do you bring a practice back from the brink? Taking steps to shift practice culture, build relationships, and being open to change can take a practice to new heights.

In this episode, Aspire founder and leadership consultant Randy Hall talks with Dr. Adam Hechko, owner of North Royalton Animal Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio and member of the American Animal Hospital Association Board of Directors. After graduating from The Ohio State University, Dr. Hechko decided to buy a shrinking, single doctor practice. He shares how he turned around this dwindling practice to a thriving practice with five doctors and more than 60 team members.

Dr. Hechko knew for the practice to survive, he needed to make some changes. He started by surrounding himself with people who shared the same goals; he wanted to provide the best care to patients and build strong, positive relationships with clients. Building this new culture allowed Dr. Hechko to overcome challenges and continue to make positive changes for himself, his team, and his practice.

Dr. Hechko describes how Aspire helped him and his leadership team, particularly around hiring the right team members for their practice culture. You can find more information and resources for improving your practice at

For our Aspire members, you’ll find bonus podcast content at In this “After the Episode,” Randy and Dr. Julie Reck breakdown the discussion with Dr. Adam Hechko. They take a deep dive into the topic of trust. Through building trust, Dr. Hechko has created a stronger team and deeper connections with his clients. Randy and Dr. Reck explore additional ideas that you can use to harness the power of trust in your practice.

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Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 28: A Success Story of Practice Ownership