Is your practice structured in a clear, organized, and efficient way? Whether your practice is new or established, taking time to review your organizational structure is important to optimize performance. After review, you may find that making changes to how you and your staff members fit together may help to utilize each person’s strengths in a more effective way.

In this episode, Aspire founder and leadership consultant Randy Hall along with Dr. Julie Reck, owner and founder of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill in South Carolina, share advice on how to put the right structure, and the right people, in place at your practice. You will learn the four key components to build an organizational structure, steps for creating the best structure in your practice, and considerations when placing team members in roles within a new organizational structure.

Additional resources including sample organizational charts and The 4 Components of Organizational Structure are included with this episode:

For our Aspire members, you’ll find bonus podcast content at Scroll down to the “After the Episode” section and listen as Randy Hall and Dr. Reck take a closer look at what to do when you realize an employee is not in the right role. They share advice on how to have a transparent conversation with your employee and how to smoothly transition them to a role that will be a better fit for them and for your practice. In addition to this bonus episode, you'll receive a conversation planner to help you successfully prepare for and execute these conversations.

Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 26: Organizational Structure in Your Practice