Do you have an effective onboarding process in place at your practice? Often times, practice owners and managers think the hard part is over once they’ve hired a new employee. However, the truth is, this is just the start of their journey to becoming a strong, contributing member of the team. A robust onboarding program will help your new employees engage in a way that allows them to be successful.

In this episode, Aspire founder and leadership consultant Randy Hall discusses how to build an effective onboarding process with Dr. Julie Reck, the owner and founder of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill in South Carolina. First, they examine the differences between onboarding and training, and how to differentiate these in your practice. Then, they dive into the three key elements associated with a successful onboarding program: clarity, connection, and assessment. Additionally, Dr. Reck shares some of her own experiences, successes, and struggles with developing a great onboarding program for her hospital.

To learn more about creating or enhancing your current onboarding process, view the Aspire course, “Building a Fully Engaged Team: Part 3” and view the “Build an Amazing Onboarding Experience” module. This course along with additional information and resources can be found at:

Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 25: An Effective Onboarding Process for Your Practice