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As a leader, there are many amazing and rewarding parts of your job: the excitement of hiring an employee, helping them learn new skills, and watching your team thrive and achieve outstanding results. But with this also comes the reality that if you lead people long enough, there will be times when you simply need to help an employee move on to the next chapter in their career.

In this episode, Randy Hall discusses three actions you can take to make the firing process more manageable. They are:

1 - Understand the role you played in getting to this point. The right person in the right environment, generally thrives. Therefore, if you're faced with firing an employee, consider that you may have hired the wrong person for the job. Or maybe they were placed in the wrong environment for success.

2 - Don’t wait; take action! Sometimes, you might delay firing an employee because you feel like you are doing them a “favor.” However, leaving someone in a role that they aren’t suited for is a disservice to them, your team, and your practice.

3 - Create clarity for the employee. Have a clear, candid conversation with underperforming employees about actions that will be taken if their performance does not improve.

Although firing employees may be a reality of your position, you can decrease terminations by strengthening your ability to find and select the best employees for your practice. Learn more by taking the Aspire course, “Attracting and Hiring Exceptional Talent.” You can also get additional tools and resources for employee management by visiting aspirevet.com.

Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 20: 3 Things to Remember When It’s Time to Fire an Employee