If you want a productive practice team, you need to give and get feedback often. Most leaders think they deliver it well and regularly, but chances are, they don’t. In this episode, Randy Hall explains the top 3 reasons why you are likely not sharing feedback as well as you could, and the top 3 ways you can do it better! Feedback is a necessary component of improvement. Without it, your staff will do the same thing day in and day out, with no long-term progress towards greater efficiency and performance. Feedback propels insight and acts as a catalyst for change and growth. It also allows us to improve as leaders. Receiving feedback from our team does the one thing we cannot do alone: observe ourselves without bias and judgment. From athletics to veterinary medicine, people who become good at what they do get lots of feedback and practice. Learn how to embrace it as a powerful tool so you can deliver the medical care and service that your clients expect and your patients deserve.

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Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 10: Giving Feedback That Improves Performance