How can you best lead your team through times of stress and fear?  Join Aspire founder and leadership consultant Randy Hall along with Dr. Julie Reck, owner and founder of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill in South Carolina, as they discuss strategies to help you and your team navigate stress, fear, anxiety, and the unknown.

It can be difficult to know how to guide your team through uncertainty, especially when you don’t know what the future holds for your veterinary practice.  Randy and Dr. Reck share several tips and ideas for getting through difficult times including:

  • Learning how the brain responds during stressful situations 
  • Building self-awareness around your own responses to fear and anxiety
  • Providing transparent communication to your team
  • Using your medical knowledge to inform and empower others
  • Helping your team become externally focused to better serve your clients     
  • Coaching fearful or anxious employees who are negatively impacting the team  

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Healthy Practice Podcast
Healthy Practice Podcast
Episode 40: A Leader’s Role During Times of Fear